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152 for #152

16 March 2010 2,486 views No Comment

What is 152 for 152?

152 for 152 is our campaign to bring back the first and only youth partylist in Congress; and elect two honest, hardworking, pro-people, and nationalist Senators.

152 for 152 is for KABATAAN Partylist, #152 in the ballot, and Satur Ocampo & Liza Maza, #33 and #37 respectively.

Starting today until Election Day, let us get 152 people to pledge their votes for KABATAAN, Satur, & Liza. Let’s get our family, friends, schoolmates, officemates, neighbors, etc. to pledge their votes for the candidates for change. This means getting more than four pledge votes each day until May 10.

Here’s how:

  1. Contact your relatives, friends, and other contacts. Talk to them personally or you can use texting, e-mail, messaging in various social sites (Facebook etc.).
  2. You can make your own personalized message or use the following template messages HERE. But we do recommend you make your own message
  3. Whenever someone pledges their vote, get the following info from them: Name, Email, Contact Number/s, Place where they are Registered as a Voter.Then go to this WEBSITE to log-in the info: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/kabataan2010
  4. It is IMPORTANT that you do step #3. The less our pledge-voters have to do, the more chance they will do the pledge. And the following info will be used to send them important updates and remind them to actually vote on May 10.
  5. Every weekend, email us with your progress so we can thank the most hard-working vote-pledgers. List how many pledge votes you have gotten that week, put “Pledge Votes” in the email subject, and send it to kabataan.net@gmail.com

On May 10, Ipagpatuloy ang Magandang Simula:

Edukasyon, Karapatan, Tapat na Pamamahala

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