‘Lower crime rates due to Oplan Tokhang’s success’–misleading and a grave insult to Oplan Tokhang victims’ families

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

On NCRPO data showing lower crimes rates in 2017 compared to 2016, and Director Albayalde’s attribution of this to anti-drug operations such as Tokhang and Double Barrel:

It is misleading and ironic, and a grave insult to the families of Oplan Tokhang victims, especially of the innocent and teenagers, to attribute Oplan Tokhang and Double Barrel’s “success” to the lower crime rates while cases of extra-judicial killings and other human rights violations actually skyrocketed upon Duterte’s assumption of office.

While data may really show a significant decrease in crime rates, it is erroneous for Duterte and Philippine National Police (PNP)’s to claim success through their “War on Drugs” over it as according to past PNP statistics reports and data culled by various media institutions, and investigations and research groups, crime rate was already in decline even before Duterte took office.

In contrast, the number of people being killed has risen since Duterte launched his anti-drug campaign. Only about two years into his term, Duterte’s human rights record has already surpassed that of the two-decade Marcos regime’s, with an estimated 13,000 drug-related summary executions, 113 politically-motivated extrajudicial killings, 22 frustrated killings, and 256 illegal arrests and detention, as of last quarter of 2017.

Isn’t it more shameful for the Duterte administration and PNP that while crime rates go down, extra-judicial killings and human rights violations–classifications for crimes committed by state elements–rates go up.

We shall never forget it is PNP personnel who personally killed Kian delos Santos, Carl Arnaiz, and all other innocent and defenseless youth. We shall also think of those all other ten thousands of Filipinos, innocent or not, who got denied of their right to due process and were killed mercilessly. By claiming success over the lower crime rate, PNP is as if elated and proud and even stands for its “berdugo” character and tainted track record.

All in all, with all those records, the number one murderers in this country are the military and uniformed personnel. The state elements’ cure to drug and crime problems breeds nothing but a culture of fear and impunity; it then only reeks of their incompetency to serve and protect the people and of their being of lapdogs of the elite. Despite strong evidence and clamor from the people for accountability, perpetrators of human rights violators — primarily military and uniformed personnel who follow the command of their chief: Marcos, Arroyo, Aquino, Duterte, and other past presidents — are able to run scot free.

Duterte’s dictatorship-in-the-making is only founded upon and guarded by them; it won’t be surprising then if it would easily be toppled down by the strength of the organized action of the Filipinos against systemic oppression.###