Youth groups join #BanTrumpPH protest kickoff, expose US intervention and the neoliberal agenda in 31st ASEAN Leader’s Summit

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Despite inclement weather, hundreds of militant youth–members of Kabataan Party-list, Anakbayan, League of Filipino Students, College Editors’ Guild of the Philippines and National Union of Students of the Philippines–joined the multi-sectoral mobilization towards US Embassy yesterday to initially register opposition to Trump’s upcoming visit and to the neoliberal agenda in 31st ASEAN Leader’s Summit hosted by the Philippines.


Series of protest actions against the fascist and racist US President and CEO of US Imperialism Donald Trump, who is set to arrive on November 12, are mounted to expose the implications of his visit. “Desperate to save face by projecting strong US leadership despite crisis-filled presidency, Trump decided last-minute to join the East Asia Summit,” said by the sole youth representative in Congress, Rep. Sarah Jane I. Elago.


“Trump is to praise his puppet, Duterte, for the latter’s war on drugs, counter-insurgency operations and Martial Law in Mindanao, in exchange of Duterte’s permission to greater US military intervention in the country, through VFA, EDCA and other agreements and even a named operation similar to Operation Enduring Freedom. Basically, Trump will seek to maintain grossly US-PH unequal relations.”


“Currently, Trump is the biggest threat to regional peace with his provocations against North Korea where he wants to drag the Philippines. He wants to increase US military presence in the Philippines and engage in direct combat action in Mindanao. US’ key are military bases in the Philippines, where ISIS is used as pretext, to be able to project US military power in Asia against China. Most importantly and since time immemorial, US presidents want Philippines to open up its economy and remove constitutional restrictions to foreign ownership of land, utilities and other industries.”


Apart from the unnecessary humongous public funds going to be spent, several neoliberal agenda in the upcoming East Asia Summit detrimental to the youth are also being slammed by the movement. “Two of these are the Philippine Qualifications Framework and Transnational Education Act, anchored from ASEAN commodification of education and to respond to global demand for cheap labor, that will liberalize the schools and result in tuition and other school fees increases,” Elago added.


“We now then call on Filipinos, especially the youth, to join the protests where we’ll demand for peace in the Asian region through the removal of the network of US bases in Asia, and an end to US aggression. Oppose the imperialist tyranny of Donald Trump! Expose the neoliberal agenda in ASEAN 2017! Dismantle the fascist dictatorship of US-Duterte regime!” ###