Youth party: Upcoming Trump visit to PH betrays Duterte’s real stance on US intervention

Friday, October 6, 2017

Kabataan Partylist called US President Donald Trump’s upcoming visit to the Philippines a concrete manifestation of the Duterte administration’s more barefaced subservience to the global superpower, contrary to President Rodrigo Duterte’s earlier claims against the US.
“First of all, the patriotic Filipino youth unequivocably rejects US President Donald Trump, including his upcoming visit this November. Some might say that the Duterte administration’s agreement to push through with this visit is a manifestation of Duterte’s change of heart as regards his attitude towards the US. But the Filipino youth can see through this cheap trick – what Duterte is actually doing is to air his administration’s deep longing and affection for US hegemony,” Kabataan Partylist Rep. Sarah Elago said.

In earlier reports, Malacanang Spokesperson Ernesto Abella confirmed that Trump’s visit to the Philippines would “underscore improving US-PH ties”.

“Not a long time ago, Duterte said he will end lopsided agreements with the US. Now, the tide has turned. Strong warnings of breaking lopsided deals are now in the dustbins of Malacanang as it seems that Duterte – who clearly wants to portray himself as a strongman to the world – is set to welcome what now appears to actually be his idol in the person of another foul-mouthed strongman in the person of Trump,” Elago said.

The youth solon called on the youth and the Filipino people to join the protest action on October 5, 9 am at the US Embassy, to call for the withdrawal of US military bases and to assert their right to national sovereignty.
“Even as the Duterte administration begins to air sweet nothings to the Trump administration, the Filipino youth and the people should continue pushing for an independent foreign policy devoid of US intervention in political, economic, and military affairs,” Elago stressed.###