Youth Party Leads Protest Against Continuing Fascist Attacks on the Youth

Friday, October 6, 2017

Kabataan Partylist vehemently condemned the recent wave of fascist attacks against the Filipino youth. From the PUP administration’s collusion with state forces in order to assail student leaders and undermine their democratic rights and interests to the recent spate of harassment aimed at youth and student leaders. In addition to this, the party also denounced the continuing killing of youths under the Duterte regime’s war on drugs.

“Today is the National Day of Action against Campus Repression, Fascism and Tyranny. With the seemingly endless wave of fascist attacks against youth and student leaders, it would seem that Martial Law has already taken full effect,” said Kabataan Partylist Representative Sarah Elago.

“In PUP, for instance, the student organizations, publications, and councils have come under attack from the administration. The anti-student PUP administration has refused to hold student council elections, it has intervened in the finances and management of student publication through the newly formed Student Publication Section, and it has removed the legitimate and democratically-selected Student Regent from the University’s highest policy-making body” said Elago.

The administration’s fascist attacks target not only the student institutions but also the students themselves. Organizations from the College of Social Sciences and Development (CSSD) and the College of Arts and Letters (CAL) have been evicted from their office spaces. The Gabriela Silang Hall, a space provided for students to democratically assemble, is set to be demolished.

“Kabataan Partylist condemns the actions of the PUP administration. Safe spaces for students to organize are complementary to the fulfillment of their right to education. This is clearly repression and an attack on the students’ democratic right to organize and assemble,” said Elago.

“To make things worse, the administration has initiated the militarization of the campus. There has been a sharp increase in cases of student repression, intimidation, and red-tagging since the administration brought in police elements in the campus. The latest incident saw a leader of Anakbayan harassed, threatened and robbed by suspected military men. By no means is this an isolated case as several other activists in PUP have reported similar incidents of harassment and surveillance these past few days,” said Elago.

“These cases of campus repression are not isolated. For instance, in the Lyceum of the Philippines University, the LPU Independent Sentinel is in danger of extinction. Processes involving funds and new officers are being delayed by the administration in order to create a new publication that will serve the administration’s interest,” said Elago.

“In addition to this, there was also an incident wherein a member of Anakbayan De La Salle was harassed by police elements. Based on the victim’s account, police officers came to her home and warned her about her involvement with activist organizations. She was told that she is now on their list and that they will be keeping an eye on her from now on,” said Elago.

“As the Duterte regime becomes ever more desperate, it will make use of all the tools it has at its disposal. The intensified repression and attacks against students’ rights in the campus perfectly complements the full-scale attack against the Filipino people’s civil liberties and human rights.” said Elago.

“It is quite alarming that the killings of the youth continue and has since intensified under the war on drugs in the past couple of days. Even after the outrage surrounding the deaths of Kian, Reynaldo, and Carl it seems that the state has no plans to stop the attacks against the youth and the people. In the past weeks no less than five more youths have been murdered under the Duterte regime’s war on drugs including Jayross Brondial of Pasay City and Jason Nazareno of Muntinlupa. All of them murdered in a few weeks’ span,” said Elago.

“Kabataan Partylist calls on the Filipino youth to lead the struggle against repression and fascism.  Let it be clear, these fascist attacks are meant to cripple the youth’s capacity and zeal. Our task now is to  fight for our rights and condemn the tyrants behind these assaults” concluded Elago.