On Chief Justice Sereno Impeachment

Friday, October 6, 2017

Kabataan Partylist scores the railroading done by the House Committee on Justice in the determination of sufficiency of the grounds of the impeachment complaint against Chief Justice Sereno. There was no discussion of the grounds, not even a justification on why the complaint itself was already sufficient based on the evidence presented. President Duterte fancies himself as a dictator in doing everything in his power to get rid of all opposition. After CJ Sereno, impeachment raps against the Ombudsman loom. Indeed, the marching order of the President to his allies in the House of Representatives is more than enough assurance for the impeachment proceedings to prosper and pave an expressway to dictatorship. We enjoin the public in strongly opposing Duterte’s tyranny of using impeachment as a tool to silence dissent, threaten critics and pressure institutions to bow down to his whims.