Youth party slams US aggression thru ‘assistance’, possible airstrikes

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Kabataan Partylist condemns today the US imperialist government for its horrid proposal to help in the airstrikes against alleged ISIS targets in Marawi City and Mindanao, decrying that it lays the pretext for continued aggression in the Philippines.

“The US must be desperate enough to resume its intervention and aggression in our country’s affairs, especially as it’s starting to compete with neighbor countries such as China and Russia, for control of the Asia-Pacific,” Kabataan partylist Rep. Sarah Elago said.

According to reports, the Pentagon and other US state agencies have announced plans to possibly conduct airstrikes as part of “collective self-defense,” as well as to help in intelligence and technical assistance regarding the terrorist conflict in Mindanao. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson divulged, during his visit on Monday, that the US has provided Cessna aircrafts and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones as part of said assistance.

“Their sudden initiative further exposes their intent and interest in prolonging martial law, as well as the agony of our Moro and Lumad brothers. The continued rule of the US-trained AFP has only bred harassment, attacks, and even killings on unsuspecting citizens. Daily, and even hourly, airstrikes, with constant threats of military terror, have resulted in mass evacuations of communities and schools,” Elago explained.

“Duterte’s threat to bomb Lumad schools will only serve to hype them up further, and who knows, such assistance will drag these schools into the crisis;” Elago added.

Elago further explained that Duterte’s relations with the US seems to be slowly gaining ground.

“Duterte’s anti-US pronouncements hasn’t really translated into any state policy, and even worse, he is silent with The US government is quick to laugh off his tirades on human rights because practically, the US has maintained its hegemony in the area. The annual Balikatan exercises remain under EDCA, and none of their bases have been dissolved,” Elago said.

The party calls on the youth and the people to stand against the continued aggression of the US and the Duterte regime.

“We should hold the them accountable for the continued violations and attacks against the people. These attacks are only a sign that either no significant change will come, or that change is actually for the worse. The march of the youth for change, for national sovereignty, patrimony, and the right to self-determination remain,” Elago concluded. ###