Youth party hits proposals to veto free education act

Thursday, August 3, 2017

‘Neoliberal college education benefits only a few’

Kabataan Party-list today denounced the strong opposition from Duterte’s economic managers to the proposed Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act, as well as the Budget Secretary’s proposal to veto the act, which is supposed to give free education to state colleges and universities starting the second semester of academic year 2017-2018.

“In the growing instability of the regime and the rotten order, the ruling class is desperate to retain the colonial and commercialized system of education, despite the people’s clamor make it free and accessible,” Kabataan Party-list Rep. Sarah Elago said.

The youth party lambasted statements from Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno that “college education benefits the individual and not the society.”

“Diokno’s statement merely revealed the twisted state of neoliberal education in the country today – it’s designed for individual development, only to serve the pockets of a few, as well as the market’s needs for cheap and docile labor,” Elago explained.

The youth party calls on the Filipino youth and students to march and heighten the fight for a free, nationalist, scientific, and mass-oriented education, that truly puts a premium on society’s needs and not on profits.

“The US-Duterte regime insists on being ‘business as usual’ on the continued profiteering in education that has been going on for decades. It remains in the hands of the youth and students to assert what is rightfully theirs in the fight for free education,” Elago said.

“We call on the youth to fight for an education which serves the country’s agricultural needs, propels the development of national industries, and best of all is given as a basic right,” Elago concluded.

Youth groups are set to march to register these demands for education this Friday, August 4, a day before the deadline of signing of the act. ###