Friday, July 21, 2017

We are dismayed with the effective cancellation of the peace talks and any backchannel talks thereof, in conjunction with Duterte’s second SONA and the President’s command to extend martial law to the end of December.
This only further shows the Duterte regime’s insincerity with the peace talks. It shows that the government is resorting to capitulation and pacification of the revolutionary forces, through their incessant demand for a ceasefire precluding any agreement for significant socio-economic reforms.
Duterte is bent on peddling his all-out fascist ways as the solution to the country’s crises, rather than going to the roots of conflict and poverty. He purports his war on drugs, which has only resulted to a kill count of 8,000 and counting.
The government keeps on feigning the lack of enabling conditions for continuing the talks, yet it is the continued declaration of martial law and the all-out war against armed groups that is causing the lack thereof.
The cancellation of the peace talks and the continuation of martial law under the US and AFP command shows the stance of the regime towards maintaining the US imperialist hegemony and control.
The youth and the people will take the clamor for change in their hands through their mass struggles. We will not bown down to Duterte’s intransigence as we march for a just and peaceful society this people’s SONA. ###