On Fil-Am Friendship Day: ‘Duterte, cut ties with US now!’ -youth party

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Youth groups led by Kabataan Partylist and the League of Filipino Students storm the United States (US) Embassy today in the morning to denounce the fake friendship between the governments of the US and the Philippines.

“If there are fake news and fake rice, there are also fake friends like the US government,” said Sarah Elago, Representative of Kabataan Partylist.

“After US left the country in 1946 it granted us illusory freedom. We are still held in chains by the US, no longer in the old ways of colonial bondage, but through indirect means, by keeping us hostage in the political-economic-military and cultural spheres,” said Elago.

Elago claims that lopsided agreements between US-PH such as the Mutual Defense Treaty, Visiting Forces Agreement, Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, trade agreements under the World Trade Organization, etc. infringe upon the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.

“Yesterday, Duterte met with US Ambassador Sung Kim. Once again the US envoy promised commitments to combat terrorism. Duterte should not be oblivious to the fact that terrorism proliferates around the globe to justify US presence, intervention and wars of aggression,” said Elago.

“In Mindanao, for instance, the struggle for self-determination has been muddled by the US-AFP as an act of terrorism, to justify all-out offensives against the people and to allow for US presence and operations in the island. Around 400,000 Moro and citizens of Mindanao are now in evacuation centers, with no steady supply of food and other basic necessities,” explained Elago.

“What is more unnerving, moreso hypocritical, is that the US has the tenacity to extend rehabilitation efforts in Marawi after it prodded Martial Law which consented aerial strikes and reduced the city to rubbles,” said Elago.

“Duterte’s promise of departure from the US and independent foreign policy is nothing but trash talk. If he wants to prove himself sincere to his promise of uplifting the lives and welfare of the Filipino people, he should start with decisively cutting ties with the US, and ending decades of oppression and marginalization. Duterte can prove his worth, if he can lift martial law now and hold the US-AFP accountable for its war crimes against the Filipino people!” Elago concluded. ###