Youth party slams US, neoliberal interests on martial law in Mindanao

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Kabataan Partylist once again slams the recent developments in the siege in Marawi and the continued declaration of martial law in Mindanao, which has been going on for past a month as of press time.

“It’s fast becoming a war with no end in sight, at least for the people, as the Duterte government persists in continuing with martial law and even eyeing its expansion to the whole country,” said Ben Te, deputy secretary-general of Kabataan Partylist.

Increasing presence of US soldiers

The youth party reiterates its condemnation to the United States’ (US) increased presence and technical and intelligence support in the area. This is as the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) announced the arrival of a new batch of US troops on Wednesday night.

“Martial law, instigated by the US in cahoots with the AFP that they trained and conspired with, has only buffed up their powers and allowed their free rein in Mindanao, in complete violation of Philippine sovereignty. Even Duterte seems apologetic of the US-AFP relationship,” said Te.

“The US military has long used fighting terror as a scapegoat for its intervention in many countries’ affairs. It has labelled as ‘Islamic terrorists’ such groups as the Abu Sayyaf, which has spawned through US, Saudi, Pakistani and Israeli funded groups in Afghanistan in the 1980s and recently in Iraq and Syria,” Te added.

Ruling elites for martial law?

“But it is not only the US who’s having interest in martial law, in fact the ruling elite, and even China wants in too,” Te said.

Earlier, Liberal Party bet and Vice President Leni Robredo thanked the US for their assistance to the military.

The Department of Trade and Industry declared that the business sector is ‘unaffected’ by the martial rule, adding that investors are even more “supportive” and that in fact, they feel “safer and secure.” Senator Dick Gordon and Department of Tourism Undersecretary Frederick Alegre proposed turning Marawi City into a tourist hub.

Meanwhile, China offered P500 million worth of military weapons to help in the so-called war against terror.

“In an interesting interplay of politics and economics, it is apparent that neoliberal interests and Dutertenomics are set to benefit from martial rule,” Te said.

Fake news

“What’s worse is that the Marawi siege and the situation in Mindanao is being clouded by a thick fog of fake news. Even what we see in the news can’t be verified at all. No thanks to the spinsters in the army, who seem to have adopted the regime’s abuse of fake news,” Te said.

“Reports from fact finding missions have been declared of soldiers threatening women with rape no thanks to Duterte’s rape jokes. The army, being defensive and in denial, is quick to point the finger on the Maute, a convenient scapegoat after all,” Te added.

As Duterte’s 1st year ends

The youth party said that it is weary of the legacy the Duterte administration might leave on its first year.

“As Duterte’s first year comes to an end, it seems that he is bent on leaving a legacy of unneeded war. The once peaceful community of Moro and non-Moro people are being dragged into the war. If Duterte persists on continuing martial law in Mindanao, then all it will do is further fan the armed resistance of the Moro people and their struggle for self-determination,” Te said.

“Duterte must heed the cries of the Moro and the Maranao, and instead, fight imperialism and tackle the roots of armed resistance and conflict. Otherwise, the people will take matters into their hands as they fight for national liberation,” Te ended.

Youth groups are set to march to demand to end martial law and to uphold national sovereignty and Moros’ right to self-determination on June 30. ###

(photo from Pinoy Weekly)