STATEMENT: Confirm Judy, Ka Paeng, and Gina! -youth party

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Kabataan Partylist stands behind our progressive secretaries in Cabinet and the service to the people which they have shown so far.

The Commission on Appointments (CA) has set confirmation hearings for DSWD Sec. Judy Taguiwalo, DAR Sec. Rafael ‘Ka Paeng’ Mariano, and DENR Sec. Gina Lopez on Tuesday, May 3. The three have been bypassed when Congress went into recess last month and were re-appointed last month.

We reiterate our support for Taguiwalo, Mariano and Lopez, as they present an alternative to the politics of imperialist plunder, widespread corruption, and rampant landlord domination in our country today–an alternative challenged by the ruling elite in their desperation to preserve the status quo.

Taguiwalo has shown that provision of social services to the people is possible without the intervention of congressmen and senators, embezzlement of funds and patronage politics. Her leadership has been blazing a historic path in forging an agreement to support the rehabilitation of communities, especially those of Lumads, affected by militarization.

Mariano, with policies such as a moratorium on agricultural land conversion and the hastened implementation of the court order on Luisita, has helped advance the struggles of the farmers against the obsolete and backward agricultural landscape. His firm resolve to push for genuine agrarian reform is necessary in realizing the substantial advances made on free land distribution and rural development in the peace talks.

Lopez’ bravery against multinational mining firms, and her willingness to participate in the GRP-NDF peace talks, is a great step towards national industrialization, genuine socio-economic reforms, and the dismantling of imperialist exploitation of our natural resources and labor for profit.

Their confirmation will greatly help in implementing genuine socio-economic reforms to the people’s benefit.

On the other hand, their rejection does the opposite: it will only benefit the reactionary elite and big businesses, who are desperately holding on to the status quo to milk out whatever they still can from the labor exploited and oppressed masses.

Thus, we must rally and show our all-out support. Further, we strongly urge President Duterte to issue a marching order to his allies in both Houses to support the confirmation of Taguiwalo, Mariano and Lopez.

The Filipino youth and people calls on Duterte to support these progressive leaders, especially their pro-people stances toward significant, radical reforms that contribute to the struggle to smash the rotten, corrupt, and oppressive system.

The youth and Filipino people, on the other hand, vow to intensify its struggle for free education, national industrialization, genuine agrarian reform, and national democratic aspirations which the people have long fought for. ###