Filipino youth will continue to resist Duterte’s repeated martial law threats

Thursday, March 23, 2017

“We reiterate that fear and terror will not solve the root causes of poverty, crime and the drug conflict. Solving the root causes of poverty and promoting livelihoods and industries will. But what is Duterte doing? Limping the communities’ livelihoods and agriculture through ‘flattening the hills,’” Kabataan Partylist Rep. Sarah Elago said.

This is the response of Kabataan Partylist to Duterte’s repeated statements dangling the idea of imposing martial law. “If I declare martial law, I will finish all the problems, not just drugs,” Duterte said in a press briefing after coming from Thailand.

“Martial law and all-out war has only caused harm and discord among our communities, and even right now, Duterte’s fascist offensives have only increased the casualties,” Elago said.

“Illegal arrests and detention remain, just like during Marcos’ martial law days, and around 400 and counting political prisoners with trumped-up charges are still waiting to be released. And even up to now, justice is still wanting for the Martial Law victims and their families,” she added.

Elago recounts the 8,000 and counting victims under Oplan Tokhang and Double Barrel, as well as the 42 civilians killed due to the AFP’s ‘all-out war.’ Recently, massive bombings also pillaged communities in Abra and Agusan del Sur, and two Kabataan Partylist members were detained by the military.

“As long as Duterte keeps toying with the idea of martial law and increased fascist repression, the people is sure to mount its growing resistance. The Filipino youth, together with the workers, peasants and other sectors in their millions, will struggle to smash the oppressive system the administration wants to maintain, and build a better future,” Elago concluded.

Elago said that the Filipino youth and people vow to mount their resistance against state-sanctioned fascism through weekly Black Friday protests and a multi-sectoral mobilization on March 31. ###