Youth party slams CA bypass of progressive Cabinet secretaries, urges Duterte to support confirmation

Thursday, March 16, 2017

KABATAAN Partylist stands behind our pro-people Cabinet members after failing to get the nod of the powerful Commission on Appointments. The youth party urges President Duterte to do the same and to urge Congress and Senate to support their confirmation.

The CA has recently bypassed the appointments of DSWD Secretary Judy Taguiwalo and DAR Secretary Rafael Mariano.

“The bypass of their appointments is alarming. Taguiwalo and Mariano, have long been fighting for the rights and interests of the people in the parliament of the streets, have been the most steadfast in promoting pro-people policies and directly serving the people. The failure to confirm them shows the rottenness of a system that merely advances the interests of the landlord classes and big business elites, especially those in government,” Kabataan Partylist Rep. Sarah Elago said.

Taguiwalo and Mariano’s appointments have been deemed controversial in the face of opposition from several lawmakers. Mariano has been questioned for his pro-farmer stances on agrarian reform and his 2-year moratorium on land conversion for residential, commercial and other uses. Taguiwalo, meanwhile, has been slammed over her stance against ‘pork’ and patronage politics through her decision against channeling DSWD financial assistance funds through congressmen.

Meanwhile, DENR Secretary Gina Lopez has also been bypassed by the CA. Lopez has taken flak from mining companies and academics, and even mining stakeholders in Cabinet, over the closure and suspension orders of mining operations across the country.

“This shows how the ruling class, thru the government, is bent on retaining the status quo, notwithstanding its effects on the environment and the livelihood of the people,” Elago said.

“It is no surprise that the landlord-dominated congress is bent on turning down Mariano and his pro-farmer sentiments, and retaining the backward agriculture of the country. The confirmation of Taguiwalo will be problematic especially for those who wish to retain pork barrel and corruption, which only translates to the prolonged use of positions and policies for profit. And alas, nobody else but imperialist plunderers and big multinational mining companies could benefit with opposing Lopez’ confirmation,” Elago explained.

The youth party calls on the Duterte administration to stand with these progressive Cabinet members and support their confirmation. “We call on Duterte to issue a marching order to his allies in both Houses to support the confirmation of Taguiwalo, Mariano and Lopez,” Elago said.

“If he is sincere in proclaiming himself a ‘leftist,’ he must support these leaders and their pro-people policies. If the ‘change’ he espouses is truly progressive and pro-people, then he must stand behind them, especially the secretaries from the Left. Otherwise, he will prove to be no different in maintaining the rotten, corrupt, and oppressive system,” Elago added.

“The youth and Filipino people, on the other hand, vows to intensify its struggle for free education, national industrialization, genuine agrarian reform, and the the many other national democratic ideals which the people have long fought for,” Elago concluded. ###