Youth lawmaker slams removal of anti-death penalty solons from key House posts

Thursday, March 16, 2017

“Kabataan Partylist expresses its indignation on the declaration of vacancies of committee chairmanships of anti-death penalty solons,” Kabataan Partylist representative Sarah Elago said in a statement.

Makabayan bloc solons were kicked out of chairmanship of the committees on Natural Resources, Public Information and Poverty Alleviation on Congress’ plenary session on Wednesday.

The youth solon condemns the political ‘bullying’ being done by the majority in Congress, especially on the wider context of greater all-out offensives on the people.

“However expected as a clincher for ‘yes’ votes, we condemn this carrot-and-stick method, among all other railroading and strong-arm tactics, of ensuring the passage of an anti-poor and fascist bill,” Elago said.

Elago reiterates that the reimposition of death penalty is part of the all-out fascist measures being waged by the Duterte administration, including the anti-poor ‘war on drugs’ which resumed under Oplan Double Barrel Alpha Reloaded, the moves to promote and reinstate military power through mandatory ROTC, and the continued ‘all-out war’ against the people.

The youth solon calls on the Filipino youth and people to hold Duterte accountable for his all-out fascist measures, and the political repression done in Congress in serious desperation to carry them out.

“Duterte should wield the power of the majority to instate genuine changes to address crime, criminality and armed conflict, instead of continuously waging war on the people,” Elago said.

“We stand by our collective stand to vehemently oppose the re-imposition of death penalty! The struggle to break away from traditional politics and bring in progressive politics of hope,
change and action continues!,” Elago ended.

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