KABATAAN PARTYLIST is the first and only youth party-list group in Philippine Congress today.

KABATAAN is a youth sectoral party and mass organization that aims to AROUSE, ORGANIZE, AND MOBILIZE the large number of the youth to advocate for their democratic rights and interests. It strives to realize the youth’s role as the “pag-asa ng bayan“, or hope of the nation, decisively taking part in the people’s struggle.

KABATAAN Partylist is guided by the principle that the youth must stand as a potent force for social change.

It stands firm in its stance to break the conditions that make the youth passive and apathetic.

KABATAAN challenges every one of us to emulate our heroes and be the modern Rizal and Bonifacio.

It calls on us to realize the historic role of the youth in fighting for the welfare of marginalized sectors in society.

KABATAAN Partylist advocates for an alternative politics of change and struggle.

KABATAAN goes against the dominant politics that favor an elite ruling few, creating a dark and bleak future for the youth. In turn, we promote genuine social change and development that favors the great majority of the nation.

KABATAAN stands firm that only through collective struggle can we achieve the democratic interests of the youth and the people.

It is critical in maximizing its space inside government to intensify and realize the legitimate demands of the mass movement.

KABATAAN PARTYLIST remains at the forefront of youth and students’ campaigns

  • against unabated tuition and miscellaneous fee increases,
  • for higher state subsidy for education,
  • adequate jobs for new graduates,
  • defense and recognition of human rights and civil liberties which include consumer rights and the right to health,
  • and the protection and conservation of national patrimony.
See KABATAAN PARTYLIST’s Program of Action HERE >>>
Photo credits: Charisse Banez and Efren Ricalde

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Be part of change! Filipinos aged 13 to 35 years old are welcome to join KABATAAN PARTYLIST. Lead the primary task of arousing, organizing and mobilizing the youth to be force for genuine change.